Materialism Cleanse

This holiday season, I am having such a hard time getting into the spirit. It’s not because I don’t want to make the yuletide gay or jingle bells as I ride a sleigh pulled by that reindeer with the red nose but it’s because of the ever-growing greed of the American population. Am I the only person who knows and understands the reason for the season? My heart is almost broken when I think about the fact that retailers are opening their doors on Thanksgiving Day. What happened to being in a turkey induced coma and lying on the couch while you listened to your uncles and dad yell at the television as they watched football? What about going to visit your grandma in the nursing home instead of going to stand in line at Wal-Mart? That store is ugly anyhow, warm a heart instead. I’m not scrooge but it’s like I’m removed from this new way of thinking. Are we so materialistic that we will escape the time allotted to spend with our families to go stand in line to save five dollars on a board game?
It is at these times, that I am thankful for my upbringing. I am not ashamed to say that I was a spoiled child and literally always got what I wanted. It’s not because I was entitled, but it was because my parents were blessed enough to do so. They were also blessed enough to teach me how to appreciate everything that I was given and to teach me the meaning behind the gifts. Ever hear of the three Wise men? One of my coworkers shared that she did not have a religion but then she also shared that she had, “already gotten her Christmas shopping done.” Jesus is the reason for the season honey. Ignorance is one of my pet peeves, but sometimes it’s not even worth my energy to interject.
This holiday season is going to be about hugging and loving on my dear friends and family for me. I will still exchange gifts of course but I don’t have to buy the biggest and most flashy gifts in order to compensate because my friends and family know how much I care. I am not impressed by materialistic things and it’s my belief that the people who I let into my life are the same way. I give them gifts from my heart all year long. This is not an excuse just because my checking account isn’t as plump as it usually is this time of year! Before you go into debt, remember what the holiday season really means. Children should absolutely be spoiled and showered with gifts but we owe it to them to explain that life is more than about having the newest and shiniest possession. This is a plea; time is more valuable than any gift you can give. Personally, a hug and the words “I love you” are more valuable to me than any tangible gift. Happy Holidays! I’m proud to say that I am cleansed from materialism and it feels wonderful!



And It Opened Up My Eyes I Saw the Sign

Today, I read a quote that really resonated with me and I can’t help but to keep thinking of it. The quote read “I’m not going to miss 95% of life to weigh 5% less.”  How can less than 20 words be so profound? There are just some things that you hear or see that land on your heart like a snowflake on fresh payment, dissipating. I have spent countless moments dwelling on my weight and I have made a conscience decision that I will stop and begin to trust myself. My body tells a story about my life’s journey and just as I have embraced my own personal journey of life, I will embrace my body. As a young whipper-snapper, I could literally drench a cow in A1 sauce, eat it in it’s entirety, and not gain a pound. There have been many things in my life that have had an impact on my, what doctor’s call, athletic-like metabolism, that once was such as spending my late teens being injected with chemotherapy.  My weight was affected, as well as my skin. I have what my mother calls a battle wound on my left cheek. The scar was left after I had a reaction to a drug that gave me a rather less than attractive rash. I rambled through that brief synopsis to make the point that there is more to me than what meets the eye and my slight obsession with my weight has been a hindrance.  Thank God for epiphanies!

This quote has made me realize that I have been standing in my own way.  I have been in many positions in which I could not take a compliment from someone regarding my physical appearance due to not loving and accepting myself.  Holy crap, this is a flaw that adds to the reason why I’ve been casted away to Singletown where everyone knows my name. My new found love for self has been exhilarating and I am embarking on being the most flirtatious girl who’s thirty years old on the block. I am choosing to embrace my curves and lumps and telling the superficial world to “kiss my ass”. I am beautiful, intelligent, strong, independent, and most importantly, a survivor.  I have become a healthier individual, both physically and mentally, on my journey. My priorities have been altered and I can now trust myself to make the decisions that have my OWN best interest at heart.

I’m single, honey, so selfishness is not a crime. It is my time to focus on reaching for the stars and dropping the negative thoughts about weight. I will breathe easier knowing that I can trust myself. I am wonderfully made. I am my own inspiration. I am the creator of my destiny.

‘Til next time,