The Million Dollar Question

Why are you single?

Dunhdunhdunnnnhhhhhh…Folks sure don’t mind asking this question. Many times when I first meet a guy, this is what he asks me. My friends and family who think that I’m such a great catch can’t help but to ask either. As a natural born smart ass, I really want to respond, “If I knew I wouldn’t be single”.

But honestly, I don’t think that this is necessarily the truth. I am my own worst critic so I am aware of all or most of the negative aspects of myself. I honestly do believe that the good traits outweigh the bad, but who am I? I have such great confidence in myself because of all of the amazing feedback I get from the people in my life. Unless they are just lying and telling me how great I am for the heck of it, then I have probable cause to believe that I am a great catch. The thing is that in today’s society, what I have to offer doesn’t seem to matter. As a person who is obsessed with lists, I’m going to make one for the reasons that I believe I am single. Disclaimer: these are just assumptions based off of my experiences with the opposite sex.

I Intimidate – Simply put, my stature. I am tall and don’t have dainty body frame. Just the other day, I was asked if I played for the OSU basketball team! When I go out, I I’m not usually in heels, which I believe makes me feel less than feminine. Never mind the fact that my boobs are the size of basketballs, I just don’t have the girlie thing down. For this reason, I think that I am an intimidating woman. I can sometimes have a serious face too. This is not on purpose considering the fact that I’m probably the most goofy person in the room at any given time in any given place. If the guy just approached me, he would learn that ever so quickly.

I’m overzealous –when I like someone, I am all in! I want to explore that person and I am not afraid to say what’s on my mind. My friends are used to my texting style which is me sending 2 paragraphs in response to a question that most would answer with three words. I also am random and believe in reaching out to a person when I think of them, no matter when. I don’t think that people cross your mind for no reason. To some, this makes me seem crazy and is a major demerit.

I know what I want – I always say that I want a tall, goofy, nerd, who is a thug as well. LOL, this person doesn’t exist – unless he has schizophrenia.

Standards too simple – Honestly, I don’t have a ton of standards because I am bendable based on the circumstances. Superficially, I like guys who are taller than me and have a darker skin tone than mine. I love a clean cut guy with clean shoes, and clean fingernails are a must. I can throw the superficial things out of the door for a guy who can make me laugh and has an aura that matches mine. This is it. I mean I would like someone who is intelligent and worships the ground his mother walks on as well, but aren’t those givens? Are my standards too vague?

I have no baggage – This may be one of the most complex ones to understand. In my dealings with the opposite sex, I have run across guys with children, with financial difficulties, and just unfavorable things in their past as a whole. Because I seem as though things are so “together” on the outside sometimes, I think that I appear to be innocent. I have actually been told by several guys that I seem naïve and innocent. I pride myself on being non-judgmental and as a part of that, I’m an open book as well. I am not ashamed of any of my transgressions and will openly share with those curious enough to ask. Thus far, the guy stops communicating with me before even exploring. This is largely due to that nasty A-word: assumptions.

My needs for things being organic – I am a more of the “go with the flow” type and for that reason. I do not ask a lot of questions. For many, if I am not asking questions then it is believed that I am not interested. I find this to be absurd, I like to allow a person to volunteer information and I also believe that actions speak louder than words. To me, this means that when I am around you I will learn more about you than I would if I just heard you tell me about yourself. Yes, there will be plenty of candid conversations and swaps of short stories, but in the end it all lies in the way I am treated and the way he interacts with others. This is not something that can be answered in a text message.

My plight is, what do I change? To myself I reply, “nothing”. If I changed anything about myself, I would have to cease priding myself on being authentic. I don’t think I want to ever be anything less than real. I will continue on and maybe there will be a prince among the frogs. I am on a beautiful journey towards greatness and I can’t see myself settling for anything less than what I want and less than what I deserve. My list may make me sound crazy but maybe I am! I am crazy about myself! Am I also crazy to think that there is someone crazy enough for me?

Stay tuned.



Four Pairs Three Twenties


After Santa ignored my request for Jelly boots, I decided to comb through some online deals on the day after Christmas with a fifty dollar budget. This was a tedious mission since I had been summoned to work but I was determined and persistent. My first stop was at the site of the retailer that I knew for sure had the boots and in every color you could think of, Bakers. They weren’t offering a sale and they were listed for $59.99 plus the cost of shipping. As a girl who likes to get all the bang she can for her buck, I decided to pass on what was being offered.

My mission was interrupted several times by actual work; distracting me from my target. After handling my clients I refreshed my Instagram feed and there lied a gem from the shoe gods. was offering 50% off any transaction that included at least $40 worth of sales merchandise! This is a website that I often frequent just because I love shoes and they have any kind that you can ever think of; a girl can dream can’t she? I had purchased from them in the past and had total confidence in the fact that they would have the boots that I’d been looking for at a better deal than I’d seen earlier on in my mission.

There was a pleasant surprise waiting for me on as I found the jelly boots for $29.60 in blue. I went on to find that there was a section full of items that were buy one get one 50% off which could be combined with the promo code that would get me yet an additional 50% after I reached $40 in my shopping cart. After all was said and done, I had hit a serious lick. I checked out with four pairs of boots including a pair of trendy military boots, two pairs of knee boots, and the boots that Santa didn’t think that I deserved. I spent less than $60 including shipping, WHAT’S MY NAME? I was so geeked when I got them in the mail the other day that I couldn’t wait to try them on and share my awesome deal. I especially couldn’t wait to put on my jellies with my lucky blue scrunch socks that I’ve had since eight grade, nostalgia.


To top things off, I found an unexpected deal on some over the knee socks to wear with them. Kohl’s doesn’t really have much to offer a girl like me so I only visit the store when I have Kohl’s cash. After some Christmas shopping, I came up on $10 worth. I ran in Kohl’s and after probably an hour of trying to decide on trying to find something, anything, I found that Apt 9 socks were buy one get one 50% off. The over the knee socks were ten dollars each which means that I got two pairs for a little over $5 after tax. Score!!!

I can’t wait for my next mission. It’s a sin to not be thrifty, that’s the eleventh commandment, remember?

Not all of us can ball on a budget but for those who have it down, I salute!