Men are From Earth


One day while doing laundry my mind just would not stop wandering. As a single chick, gosh yeah I talk about my marital status a lot huh? Okay so as a single chick I often wonder if I possess what the opposite sex is seeking. If I jumped to conclusions, the short answer would be no solely based off of the fact that I have yet to be the apple of someone’s eye. My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to put my research team to work. I communicated with some of my friends and coworkers and asked them to poll some of their male counterparts. Guys from all walks of life answered two simple questions, “What peaks your interest in a woman? What keeps your interest in a woman?” I got raw and uncut answers that were gathered by my team via text, social networks, and even in person. Not only did I want to determine if I was still in the running as someone’s future queen but I wanted to be able to share my results with my other readers who are living in Singleville with me.

Here’s a peep at some of the raw data gathered:

– age 39, Operations manager

“Catches my interest: Beauty…Keeps it: personality, humility, conversation, ambition, and friendship.”

“The head, big booties, boobs, Loyalty ya know” – age 25, entrepreneur

“…I think there comes a point when you want to not only see them as much as possible but when you talk with them it’s almost like you’re talking to your best friend… Hmmm that’s a question with a lot of answers. Attraction aside, someone that I can talk to and relate with. Someone you can be yourself around.”- age 27, complex order supervisor

“Fat azzes and yoga pants. Sex, gifts, and food, good sense of humor :Yea and it has to be new things not the same ole shit. Keep me interested.” – age 30, Caseworker

“Good morning, she thinks that a guy that has been single for 9 years is a good research subject?
A good playful personality and the ability to be just one of the guys is way more attractive than physique. Plus knowing how to dress to be respectful to one’s self, and being strong and confident know, I just described a lesbian. lol except for the respectful dress attire.”
– age 37, produce manager

“All B’s…Beauty N Booty catches it, Brains N Baking keep it…But everybody is different.”

“A chick with a sense of humor. We need to be able to have fun. We like that random silliness” – age 26, caseworker

“For me, Im more about mental attraction than how a woman looks, but I like curves! A woman that takes care of her man, isn’t afraid to let him be the man is what keeps me! A woman that is secure, sensual, comfortable in her sexuality, and funny is the type that will keep me. I don’t like manly women, or ghetto, loud-mouthed women.”–
age 36, IT rep

“Beauty and brains of course but ambitious and good in the kitchen makes her a keeper.”

I didn’t want to bore you with each and every answer but just wanted to provide a solid sample. The other responses were consistent with the ones that I have shared above. Ya see, what men want is fairly simple, someone who looks good, has a good head on her shoulders, can cook, has a personality, and is “down” for them. These results were refreshing to me because they were reasonable. There is nothing out of the norm and the general consensus is that men knew how to answer this question immediately. If I were to flip the script and ask women what they wanted, as a woman I know that the answers would be more longwinded and maybe even unreasonable. I always say I want someone is sensitive but thugged out too, this is a prime example.

What I am getting at is that men seem to be more simple and specific than we try to make them seem. Men are more physical in mentality than us women so physical attributes being listed is not a surprise. The wonderful thing about men is that they all have different preferences when it comes to what they find visually appealing so there is hope that there is someone out there who will think you are perfect, no matter your body type! I am anti-superficial but still understand this.

Men are from Earth, they know what they want. This research project that I created for myself was sort of like a breath of fresh air for me. I am assured that I am what someone is looking for, my world just hasn’t collided with that somebody. Ahhhhh, patience is key in each and everything. What do you think? Are you with me on this, are these guys expecting reasonable things? Feel free to chime in, debates are healthy.

Always be you, someone will love it.