Don’t Stop Pop That

Is your work place drab and unbecoming? Do you get the urge to go to Lowe’s and buy a can of paint and go to town on your walls in the office? Is your employer’s dress code “business casual” but people are way more casual than business? Ugh, I know… the horror. People will support terrorism if it means that they get a free jeans pass. Since birth like before I could even see in color my mother was preaching to me about how taking pride in how I looked was necessary. I am a crazy person and the way I dress goes along with it, its hard when where you work is not conducive to who you are. I have to dumb my wardrobe down on a daily basis so I don’t frighten anyone. The only way I know how to cope with the colorless environment outside of hanging pictures of my hot friends and fun places in my space is to incorporate color in my clothing. Girl yes, I color pop everyday and invite my friends who are in my same predicament to get it color popping with me!

Check out how we did it last week…pinks, greens, yellows, oh my:

Join us and get it poppin’ too,