Squeeze Dem Lemons

Life gives you exactly what you ask for. We ask for what we want not by our words, but by our actions. I have been feeling extremely empowered lately. I am not where I want to be but every day I take a step towards that ultimate destination. I took my life by the reigns some time ago and decided that my happiness was under my dictatorship. It saddens me to think that other people don’t feel this way. I literally feel uneasy about entering into interactions with those who have not made the same decision as I. Happiness is what life is all about right? We have goals we want to achieve and millions we want to make because of our craving for happiness, fulfillment, and the distinguished feeling of accomplishment.

My belief is that if you are not happy, you should be working on constructing a master plan to turn things around for yourself. I do not believe that you have a right to complain if you are not making an effort to change. This is coming from the crazy girl with Excel spreadsheets for her goals, budget, and dream buys such as a new purse or automatic starter for my car. This is because every little thought and desire counts. If I prepare these lists, I am giving all of the items a chance to manifest themselves. I am also declaring it to God, to the universe, and whoever else is listening so that it is known what Mila wants and ultimately will achieve. I am not afraid to request the unforeseen because I believe in miracles. Heck, I am one! My point is that happiness is in the dream and being fearless in your wishes.

Lately, I have been performing unwarranted protests surrounding the dreaded “settle” syndrome. We settle because we are lazy. We settle out of fear. We settle because we don’t believe we deserve better. Well guess what, I ain’t lazy or scared! My Webster’s Dictionary application tells me that settling is to dispose of finally; close up or to make stable; place in a permanent position or on a permanent basis. There are some words in these definitions that won’t ever sit well with me: dispose, finally, permanent. These words fit in perfectly with happiness’ antonym: misery. Yeah, I could see myself being miserable if I chose to believe that my position was permanent. Even the president has dreams, happiness means to go higher.

I don’t have the energy or a cape so being Captain Save-a-Hoe isn’t in my cards either. I will give my advice or input when it’s requested but I have made the decision this morning that I will not be repeating myself to those who continuously complain. It is exhausting and does nothing but darken my light. I am focused on my own journey and I have to remember that the Mila who likes to save hoes is not always in alignment with Mila who is in her zone and fighting daily to make sure that her dreams do come true. This all goes back to me feeling as if I am entitled to being selfish because guess what? I am. I want folks to be uneasy when they come to me with plights that they aren’t truly seeking a resolution for or even complaining to me about something they aren’t working on changing. I have accepted the fact that not everyone wants to be happy, not everyone is determined, not everyone has the fight in them. With that being said, not everyone belongs in my life. I have my chosen few. Do you?

Let your actions do the talking.