White Noise


When the silence isn’t awkward then I know that we vibe. That’s really how I gauge the connection that I have with another being. You ever met a person who just talks because they think that is what they are supposed to do, just using words as fillers and being annoying in a mega way? If you haven’t, then you’re probably that person. I just feel a though your words mean more when you say less. Keeping it simple is really the key for me and all don’t understand that, especially the opposite sex. Recently I was just confronted with the thought of my silence being misinterpreted as disinterest and that is not so. My belief is that when you are vibing with someone, you don’t have to be an investigative reporter, there’s a certain openness and flow of information that occurs because of your excitement of getting to know each other. Am I right or just insane? I’ve had many great connections with men, electric sparks, fireworks, butterflies, etc…you get it but how genuine were these connections if I’m sitting here on the couch in my old lady jammies writing this post?

My word vomit above was really just my twisted way of trying to figure out how you determine when to throw the towel in or when to keep trying to evolve what is just a vibe into something more meaningful.

Is the fact that the silence isn’t awkward enough? Omg, no one ever said that it would be this difficult. What do you do when the signals are mixed? How are mixed signals even defined? Are there even any signals? Is my perception skewed? Do you write a pros versus cons lists or decide to just give up because of the thought of having to question the connection? My answer for now is just to play it by ear, ultimately people will show you how much they care and who they are, further proving my theory that words aren’t always necessary. I will just try to enjoy what is along with a splash of what could be in the back of my brain. Things are cute for now; I just have this embarrassingly weird obsession with assigning everyone in my life a slot or role. I’m sort of like the casting director of my life. Oh, no one else does that? Okay.

My laid by attitude when it comes to males may be the death of me or a one- way ticket to the friend zone every trip.

Actions prove who someone is; words just prove who they want to be.