No Cuff Zone

It seems like a day doesn’t go by that I don’t read an email, article, blog, or post in one on my various timelines that is based upon the ever so buzzy topic of self-worth. There are countless mantras and devotionals that are drafted on a daily basis by all sorts of sources from your everyday Joe Blow to world acclaimed spiritual leaders. It is often that I indulge in this information and even share it. Over the years, I have always conveyed that I knew my worth and worked on my esteem and learning to love myself. Today, when I reflect, I am not one hundred percent sure that I was being real with myself about these declarations I was making. I am that person that everyone believes is real and raw in my delivery of information so dare I admit to falling short of my promises to love myself and know my worth? Honestly, it is not as easy as it seems and it’s truly a daily battle we must choose to fight no matter how wounded we are.

It was not until after cuffing season for 2015 commenced that I realized that I had finally gotten a grip, I had finally reached the level of love for myself that was supposed to be there all along. Cuffing season, it happens every year when the summer comes to a halt and the leaves start to change colors. Guys, for some reason, begin to scroll through their phone books and seek out someone to settle down with at least through the end of January. If you don’t believe me, ask two of your lady friends and they will tell you that they were contacted by a beau from the past a few days after the temperature dropped below fifty degrees. This year, I was contacted by exactly six, yes six guys from the past. Absurd, right?

One by one, they came, from the guy who is the holder of my V-card to the one minute man to the guy who abandoned me with no warning, to the two year old summer fling, to the guy who still has a girlfriend, and so on. One by one, I ducked and dodged them with ease. This is a great feat for me and this is where my most recent epiphany was born. Ya see, just a few years back my esteem was low enough to believe that I had to give any guy my attention that looked my way. I was so low that I really did believe that I had to,”take what I could get” A shame, right? My testimony and point for my post is that you have to begin walking like you are talking and investing in thyself. The return on investments that I have been receiving as of late is astonishing. I am overwhelmed with the amount of pride that I embody and what I have overcome. I can finally say that I do love myself and that I KNOW MY WORTH. The battle is everlasting and the sweetest, most important vow that can be made to self.

“Your perspective on life comes from the cage you were held captive in.”

Will you join me in the fight?