Don’t Stop Pop That

Is your work place drab and unbecoming? Do you get the urge to go to Lowe’s and buy a can of paint and go to town on your walls in the office? Is your employer’s dress code “business casual” but people are way more casual than business? Ugh, I know… the horror. People will support terrorism if it means that they get a free jeans pass. Since birth like before I could even see in color my mother was preaching to me about how taking pride in how I looked was necessary. I am a crazy person and the way I dress goes along with it, its hard when where you work is not conducive to who you are. I have to dumb my wardrobe down on a daily basis so I don’t frighten anyone. The only way I know how to cope with the colorless environment outside of hanging pictures of my hot friends and fun places in my space is to incorporate color in my clothing. Girl yes, I color pop everyday and invite my friends who are in my same predicament to get it color popping with me!

Check out how we did it last week…pinks, greens, yellows, oh my:

Join us and get it poppin’ too,



I Wore Heels and I Didn’t Die


As the poster child for all shoes flat, I rarely wear a shoe that has more than a one inch elevation. I only wear heels on certain occasions like never. Okay well honestly, I feel like on my birthday I should be sassy and put on a pair. Last year, I bought some that were my fav hue: black with my fav accent: gold. Did I ever wear them outside of my living room? No. I was walking like a tranny during her first trip down the runway when I tried them on but still packed them in my suitcase.

I put the whole heel thing on the back burner again until my birthday this year. I began to search for shoes that weren’t stripperheelesque. How did that even become a trend? After I gave up, I stumbled upon some at Kohl’s. I was only in that darned store because I made a trip to my hometown and forget my favorite bra. Kohl’s is the only place that can console my bust.

Oops, I digress, I stumbled upon a pair of nude patent leather Candies that were inspired by those strappy Manolo Blahnik’s with the “chaos cuff”. They were a splitting image of the $725 shoe right there on display for $30. I tried them on and could walk more than five steps so I bought them. Thanks again shoe gods. I wore them twice during my birthday trip/celebration to Georgia, it was great! I was proud. Small step for mankind, gigantic one for Mila!

On that Sunday night:


On that Monday night:


Watch me werk,


Nice Girls Finish Last

June has been super-duper rough and my stars just don’t seem to be aligned. I have a goal of making at least two posts per month and it’s been a struggle, writer’s block has been tackling me like some big musty football player. I popped Brandy’s Full Moon CD from 2002 in my PC and it’s providing some relief so I’m going with it. I’ve decided just to rant in hopes that someone can relate to a sistah.

Last Place – Okay so on the race to finding something constant with the opposite sex, I’m for sure a turtle. The age old saying is that nice guys finish last but the girls are back here too. I’m last in the race but I don’t see any nice guys back here with me, hmmm I’m confused. I can literally stroke these keys to say that I always have my friends and acquaintances best interests at heart in every action that I take. My eyes start to water from the bottom as I then type that I feel as though this is not always reciprocated. The thing is that these people who don’t love me the same aren’t the bearers of my blessings so I will continue being who I am no matter how many battle wounds it gives. Those who take advantage of my kindness or generosity and even assume that I am weak because of it will have something greater to answer to than a confrontation from me. I just expect someone to be genuine, circumstances are relative.

Not so Casual – So I’m beginning to eat my words. I thought I could play the game where I really didn’t “care” or commit. But I do freaking care, I care too much and often times about the wrong people. Now being who I am, why on God’s green earth would I ever get the idea that I could take the emotion out of anything? I literally had a roster of guys who I was entertaining and I had to lay them off. I just can’t. I want attention when I want it and there’s a problem when no one on the team is available. Like really? And on top of that, some of the other people on their rosters aren’t on my level so then it makes me seem less than what I am, at least in my mind. So committing to not commit was really turning out to being me selling myself short. I have worked waaaaay too hard to build myself up and realize how much worth I encompass to settle. My team has been laid off and I am back to being a loner for now. I’ll just let serendipity do its thang!

It’s my Anniversary – Ummm so my birthday is in about twenty days and I can’t think of any major accomplishments that I want to brag about. I can say that I survived and kicked my adversities in the donkey. I can say that my faith was tested and I passed. I had some cloudy days and times but my faith in sunshine got me through. My support system never ceases to amaze me, I have people that speak so highly of me and all I am doing is being me so I’m often baffled on top of being flattered by their opinions. I can say that if there aren’t people like that in your life, you need to march your behind back to square one. I will take the year and thank it for the beautiful memories and amazing triumphs and tests of my forever growing faith and courage.

Goals are Wiggly – One day I think I know exactly what I want to do and then the next I’m so confused. This month alone, I wanted to go to flight attendant school, move to Philadelphia in pursuit of a fashion job, move to Atlanta to escalate with my current job, and quit my job and live with my parents to write a book. There is not a day that goes by that I am not dreaming. I thank God for this ability, I am seeing it as more of a talent than anything else as I encounter people who don’t have goals and are content. I don’t understand what life is without goals as I have had them since I learned how to write. I love to dream, it literally keeps me young. I will not stop making leaps toward what I want, I will land on the lily pad that’s meant for me soon enough. My goals may wiggle but I think it works for me; I just had an epiphany writing this. Any movement is better than no movement at all.

Secretly Steve
– What most people don’t know about me is that I used to be an extremely shy person like extreeeeeemely. Once I was around a bunch of outgoing people, I learned how to speak up and that closed mouths don’t get fed. Being quiet and passive literally gets you nothing but stepped on. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I clam up but I now have an inner lion that tells me to buck up. Okay so I may have learned to become more outspoken but I’m still secretly Steven Q. Urkel. I still have sweaty palms and almost swallow my tongue in social settings, especially if it’s a new enviornment to me altogether. The trouble with this plight is that no one believes this to be true, I guess I have the whole fake it to you make it thing down packed. I just want to cry about the fact that it takes me so much more than the “normal” person to do new things and meet new people and then I will be fine. I think I experience some sort of apprehension daily but I will not stop overcoming my fears because I have a good success rate for favorable outcomes.

Full Plate – I just don’t know how to exist without having my plate full of things to do. I think I am my best when I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I like to prove to myself that I can handle a lot and I don’t feel accomplished until I’m exhausted. My ideal way to live right now is to have two jobs and while exceling as a full-time student. I feel like I’m playing catch up after being side tracked for several years and anything less than overdrive makes me feel inadequate. I’m not sure if this is a flaw or what but some guy did once tell me that “two jobs is for two people”. That guy doesn’t pay my bills or buy me new purses and shoes so I don’t think he knew what he was talking about. Ahhhhh, I don’t know but I just really don’t feel like I deserve to lay on the couch like a bump on a log until I can say that my blurry dreams are in fact reality. Am I trippin’ or just determined?

Well my friends, the random rant is over, I hope you enjoyed this dose of me.

Your favorite turtle,


Four Pairs Three Twenties


After Santa ignored my request for Jelly boots, I decided to comb through some online deals on the day after Christmas with a fifty dollar budget. This was a tedious mission since I had been summoned to work but I was determined and persistent. My first stop was at the site of the retailer that I knew for sure had the boots and in every color you could think of, Bakers. They weren’t offering a sale and they were listed for $59.99 plus the cost of shipping. As a girl who likes to get all the bang she can for her buck, I decided to pass on what was being offered.

My mission was interrupted several times by actual work; distracting me from my target. After handling my clients I refreshed my Instagram feed and there lied a gem from the shoe gods. was offering 50% off any transaction that included at least $40 worth of sales merchandise! This is a website that I often frequent just because I love shoes and they have any kind that you can ever think of; a girl can dream can’t she? I had purchased from them in the past and had total confidence in the fact that they would have the boots that I’d been looking for at a better deal than I’d seen earlier on in my mission.

There was a pleasant surprise waiting for me on as I found the jelly boots for $29.60 in blue. I went on to find that there was a section full of items that were buy one get one 50% off which could be combined with the promo code that would get me yet an additional 50% after I reached $40 in my shopping cart. After all was said and done, I had hit a serious lick. I checked out with four pairs of boots including a pair of trendy military boots, two pairs of knee boots, and the boots that Santa didn’t think that I deserved. I spent less than $60 including shipping, WHAT’S MY NAME? I was so geeked when I got them in the mail the other day that I couldn’t wait to try them on and share my awesome deal. I especially couldn’t wait to put on my jellies with my lucky blue scrunch socks that I’ve had since eight grade, nostalgia.


To top things off, I found an unexpected deal on some over the knee socks to wear with them. Kohl’s doesn’t really have much to offer a girl like me so I only visit the store when I have Kohl’s cash. After some Christmas shopping, I came up on $10 worth. I ran in Kohl’s and after probably an hour of trying to decide on trying to find something, anything, I found that Apt 9 socks were buy one get one 50% off. The over the knee socks were ten dollars each which means that I got two pairs for a little over $5 after tax. Score!!!

I can’t wait for my next mission. It’s a sin to not be thrifty, that’s the eleventh commandment, remember?

Not all of us can ball on a budget but for those who have it down, I salute!


Style so Laxed

Where do I fit in? Oh, oh wait, I’m supposed to “stand out”. Being a girl who is over six feet tall, this hasn’t been a hard battle for me to win since I stand out whenever I stand up! I am, however, learning that “self” is the dictator of the caliber of attention one receives. My style says, “She’s the homie” and locks me in the infamous padded room call the friend zone. How do I find my way out without being called sexy? Yes, sexy. I hate that term. It’s like you’re telling me that I only look good enough to have sex with. I am more than what meets the eye! I have plenty of women tell me that they love my style and that I am even beautiful; I absolutely appreciate and reciprocate all compliments, but what about the male species? Is this the universe telling me I should be a lesbian?

Somewhere along the ride, the lines got blurred between girly-girl and tomboy. I am a hybrid which confuses the opposite sex none the less. I went from wanting to be Alicia Silverstone in Clueless to shopping in the men’s section. There are many contributors to this transition including, but not limited to, my weight gain that caused my self-esteem to plummet. Now that I have dropped the pounds, my quest now is to find the happy median. I didn’t realize that I wasn’t fat Mila anymore until I tried on a swimsuit while working my part-time retail job and let my coworker see. Her reaction was, “Wow, I didn’t realize all of that was under all of those clothes. You never show off your figure!” What? I have a figure? I have been a slave to layers, please, set me free!

Do I have to trade in my crew necks and combat boots for spandex dresses and sky-high heels? Some girls would squeal at the thought of wearing shoes that don’t have at least a five inch heel out on the town, but I’m on the polar opposite end of the spectrum. I’m almost certain that my style and demeanor are what gives an eighteen year old guy the gusto to kick game to me. I don’t see this as a bad thing, however, I’m not sure about the message that I’m sending. The jury is still out on whether or not I want to be Stella and announce the need to get my groove back. I’m seriously drowning in a pool of confusion; someone throw me the magic lifesaver that contains the serum that swoons men! I guess I can start with peeling off some of these layers.

Here are some picture chronicles that depict why I consider myself to be a hybrid:

Layers, Layers, Layers
Layers, Layers, Layers

Leggings short and Long
Leggings short and Long
Canvas shoes and shorts are a no brainer
Canvas shoes and shorts are a no brainer

My $1 Ode to Hip Hop

As an individual with a shopping habit, I can pretty much get my fix anywhere. I typically hate Wal-Mart but its the only place that is open during the wee hours of the morning when I’m making my morning commute to work. I stopped in to grab a greek yogurt but like most who visit a big box retailer, I started to wander. I was passing through the men’s clothing section on my way to check out some tye dye kits when I peered over and seen a sign that said $3 posted above a rack of shirts. The shirts were flannels and I immediately envisioned images of Cypress Hill, Ice Cube, NWA, and Snoop Dogg in my head. I picked up the shirt and score, the price sticker on the shirt said $1, yes four quarters! I grabbed two in different colors and was the happiest camper to ever venture through the ugly aisles of Wal-Mart! I paired this $1 shirt with some legging shorts that I paid less than ten dollars for at Forever 21 and my Doc Martens! Being a thrifty shopper is an art, I’m working on perfection!



The image that streamed through my head:


My interpretation:

photo (21)

Fall into my Favorites

photo 1

Fall is my favorite time of year, not because I get to cover up my least favorite body parts but because the fashion is so fun. I feel like having to wear more garments is nothing more than an opportunity to express myself with each piece. I am a girl who marches to the beat of her own drum when it comes to what I wear. I pay some attention to what is trendy and am mostly influenced by the music industry and my own creative thoughts when I’m getting dressed in the morning. I sat in my closet and threw together ten fashion rules that I will be following as the leaves begin to turn!

Pop that Color

photo 3

Don’t be afraid to bring some color pop with you into the fall. The easiest way to do it is with a fun purse or tote! No more matching, be bold!

Give ’em the Boot

photo 5 (3)

Booties are my absolute fav, I even sneak these in with shorts in the summer. I am in love with my Docs, they are timeless and I would wear them everyday if I could. Pair them with some fun socks for some added funk!

Be a Beanie Head

photo 5 (4)

Beanies are awesome, not only do they keep your ears warm but they can make a statement. I love the beanies that the Supreme brand has to offer but also own some that I found for a couple of bucks at Target. I love pairing a beanie with some big hoop earrings.

Love the Crew

photo 2

Crew necks are becoming. I have started a small collection, they are perfect with a pair of shorts on a fall day and can make a statement depending on what is printed on the front. These are an easy find at the thrift store, I recommend scoping out the men’s section. PacSun has an endless supply.

Skip & Shine

photo 3 (4)

I will never stop wearing skippies. I found my favorite pair yet at H&M in iridescent for $12.95. These are also a great way to add some color pop, did I mention how comfy they are? Get them a size too big and wear them with some boot socks, you’ll be in love and stylish at the same time!

Be Bold with Gold

photo 1 (3)

Gold is timeless and all that I wear. Add some umph to anything that you are wearing with a thick gold chain or a long chain with a charm. Check out your Grandma’s jewelry box or the jewelry case at the local thrift store and you will be surprised at the unique pieces that you will find.

Dream in Jean

photo 4 (4)

Jean goes with everything, the only rule is to never wear a matching jean top and bottom. A dark jean jacket paired with a light pair of boyfriend jeans and your favorite T-shirt is super comfy and makes a statement. I have bought almost every jean shirt that I’ve laid eyes on! Rock a jean vest over a sweater for a super cool look.

Color Your Neck

photo 2 (3)

Who doesn’t like scarves? Again, these are a great item to thrift. You can find tons for nearly nothing! If you are feeling super crafty, you can make your own by finding your favorite printed fabric at the nearest craft store and hemming the edges.

Warm Your Arms

photo 4 (3)

Arm warmers are one of my favorite things to wear and help keep your arms super warm on chilly nights. If you don’t know where to find them, type in arm warmers in eBay…thank me later!

Smell like Leather

photo (19)

A good leather jacket is a must have! I recommend having a black one and a brown one to throw on over a sweater, crew neck or flannel. With a cute leather jacket, you can bring any outfit up a few notches.

Don’t be afraid to make your own rules, fashion is a creative outlet, USE IT!!!!

Speak Volumez

One of the keys to having a happy life is to surround yourself with those who are driven and those who inspire you. As I have gotten older, I have learned that quality really does trump quantity when it comes to every aspect of life, especially friendships. I met the owner and operator of Volumez Styling many years ago and her style itself speaks volumes! To me she has been a beaming light of confidence, flare, and style so I was stoked when she shared her plan to endeavor into the fashion business! She has taken her zesty New Jersey style, east coast charm, and bold fashion sense and decided to help others out by offering styling and providing personal shopping services. Her zest for life and spunky personality make the experience one of a kind. I took a few moments to get into this young entrepreneurs head with a quick Q &A sesh:

Q: What inspired you to begin your own business?

A: I’ve always known, I would one day run my own company. I’m very independent and driven when it comes to business. My family is a great source of inspiration, I only want to make them proud.

Q: How long have you been styling?

A: Professionally a little under year, however I’ve been styling myself since I was a teenager. The tender age of 11, my mother always allowed me to dress myself and where whatever hairstyle I wanted. Creative freedom allowed me to find my true passion in fashion.

Q: What influences your style?

A: I like to have a mixture of everything when I’m getting dressed. The Hip Hop culture has my attention with the big accessories, sweat shirts, baggy pants. On the other side I’m such a girlie girl, tutus make me happy, stilettos, bright colors and anything sparkly. My most recent obsession is tribal prints, African wear and statement necklaces. I’m in character whenever It’s time to get dressed, the question is always “who do you want to be today?”

Q: How much do you think geography plays into someone’s personal style?

A: You can definitely tell where someone is from by their style of dress. Meanwhile you have those misfits that don’t belong anywhere. Those are the people I look up to, their the fashion rebel with no apologies. I’m a risk taker when it comes to fashion, I don’t like looking like everyone else.

Q: Where do you see Volume Styling five years from now?

A: I see the company having at least two brick and mortar stores located between Tampa FL and Ohio. Thriving online and extending the brand, we providing styling and image consultations as this present time. However I would like to see what we can do for the big screen. I have a passion for editorial work and short films. You can be whoever you want to be in that setting. So this too is a goal of mines for the company.

Q: What type of services do you currently offer your clients?Are there other areas that you wish to grow into?

A: We offer personal shopping, image consultant and wardrobe styling. However we do carry accessories, handbags and women’s apparel. I do offer personal shopping services for both men and women and love to help find special pieces for special events!

Q: What were your favorite trends during the summer season?

A: Skater skirts, bandeau tops, boots with shorts and the must have Kimono jacket! We will be featuring these item on the website.

Q: How can prospective clients get in contact with you?

A: I’m very personal when it comes to business all calls come directly to me or I can be reached by email, either one is fine. No office hours, I work for you!


Volumez is cost conscious and perfect for those who are looking for some help on turning the volume on their style. I am a fan, supporter, and customer! I personally cannot wait to see what is in store for this young entrepreneur, its only the beginning!

Here’s how you can get in touch when you’re ready to pump up your volume:
Myiesha Wilson
609 933-0644
Facebook: Volumez Volumestyling

*All fashions shown in photos can be found by using the above contact information.