Ms. EClass in the Building!

As adults, we begin to learn that we have to feed our need for intrinsic rewards in order to be happy. As adults, we have responsibilities that cause us to need a steady and dependable income. This often means that we end up sitting at a desk doing something we feel is totally unfulfilling and not in alignment with our destiny. In my life, I have several acquaintances that are in this boat with me but they have found way to row towards their creativity outside of work. I wish to share with you the story of a woman who works forty hours or more per week and fulfills duties associated with being a mother and wife. Even with that full plate, she still finds time to do what she loves in the way that she knows how which is admirable. FullSizeRender 

I interviewed this aspiring female rapper and want to share the dialogue here, check it out: 

Who is Ms. EClass? Ms. EClass is a sassy, does not accept any nonsense whatsoever from anyone, she’s brave, fearless, confident, with zero filter. She is a classy Superstar! 

Do you remember your first set of rhymes? Yes! I was 7 or 8, I wrote them sitting in my room and recorded my song with a cassette tape on my boombox. Is that telling my age? My first song was called, I apologize. I suppose it was a love song, as if! 

Where does your courage come from to endeavor your dreams? First I give All praises to the Most high, My God, I can do all things through him who strengthens me! Deep, deep, deep down inside, I grew up a really shy girl. I had a big voice, begging to get out! The minute I kicked the fear is when I felt more free than I ever have! It was my time! I started making little snippets and posting them to my social networks and the buzz started! 

Who would your dream collaboration be with? On a major scale none other than the impeccable, Onika Maraj, without any doubt! 

What inspires your sound? Depends on my mood. I love making music, period. I’m doing this for everyone who was told they will never be anything or was told you will never make it anywhere because of where you are from. Stay inspired, hard work and dedication and your time will come! My life helps me with writing new material. 

Upcoming projects? I’m so grateful that I am very busy these days. Be on the lookout for my video I am shooting for my song, Party, Ladies First Cypher Part II Akron Edition a new track and video dropping soon as well, a couple performances lined up in Akron, and Columbus. *(Dates to be announced on my pages)* I’m getting beats sent everyday for new material. I’m grinding, I’m just a girl from the small city of Akron ready to take my sound worldwide! 

How can we find you? Hit me up for features! 

Instagram- @mseclass Twitter- @MsEclass 

The first time I heard this song it became an instant fav, check it!
Be inspired, be you. -M