Style so Laxed

Where do I fit in? Oh, oh wait, I’m supposed to “stand out”. Being a girl who is over six feet tall, this hasn’t been a hard battle for me to win since I stand out whenever I stand up! I am, however, learning that “self” is the dictator of the caliber of attention one receives. My style says, “She’s the homie” and locks me in the infamous padded room call the friend zone. How do I find my way out without being called sexy? Yes, sexy. I hate that term. It’s like you’re telling me that I only look good enough to have sex with. I am more than what meets the eye! I have plenty of women tell me that they love my style and that I am even beautiful; I absolutely appreciate and reciprocate all compliments, but what about the male species? Is this the universe telling me I should be a lesbian?

Somewhere along the ride, the lines got blurred between girly-girl and tomboy. I am a hybrid which confuses the opposite sex none the less. I went from wanting to be Alicia Silverstone in Clueless to shopping in the men’s section. There are many contributors to this transition including, but not limited to, my weight gain that caused my self-esteem to plummet. Now that I have dropped the pounds, my quest now is to find the happy median. I didn’t realize that I wasn’t fat Mila anymore until I tried on a swimsuit while working my part-time retail job and let my coworker see. Her reaction was, “Wow, I didn’t realize all of that was under all of those clothes. You never show off your figure!” What? I have a figure? I have been a slave to layers, please, set me free!

Do I have to trade in my crew necks and combat boots for spandex dresses and sky-high heels? Some girls would squeal at the thought of wearing shoes that don’t have at least a five inch heel out on the town, but I’m on the polar opposite end of the spectrum. I’m almost certain that my style and demeanor are what gives an eighteen year old guy the gusto to kick game to me. I don’t see this as a bad thing, however, I’m not sure about the message that I’m sending. The jury is still out on whether or not I want to be Stella and announce the need to get my groove back. I’m seriously drowning in a pool of confusion; someone throw me the magic lifesaver that contains the serum that swoons men! I guess I can start with peeling off some of these layers.

Here are some picture chronicles that depict why I consider myself to be a hybrid:

Layers, Layers, Layers
Layers, Layers, Layers

Leggings short and Long
Leggings short and Long
Canvas shoes and shorts are a no brainer
Canvas shoes and shorts are a no brainer


Speak Volumez

One of the keys to having a happy life is to surround yourself with those who are driven and those who inspire you. As I have gotten older, I have learned that quality really does trump quantity when it comes to every aspect of life, especially friendships. I met the owner and operator of Volumez Styling many years ago and her style itself speaks volumes! To me she has been a beaming light of confidence, flare, and style so I was stoked when she shared her plan to endeavor into the fashion business! She has taken her zesty New Jersey style, east coast charm, and bold fashion sense and decided to help others out by offering styling and providing personal shopping services. Her zest for life and spunky personality make the experience one of a kind. I took a few moments to get into this young entrepreneurs head with a quick Q &A sesh:

Q: What inspired you to begin your own business?

A: I’ve always known, I would one day run my own company. I’m very independent and driven when it comes to business. My family is a great source of inspiration, I only want to make them proud.

Q: How long have you been styling?

A: Professionally a little under year, however I’ve been styling myself since I was a teenager. The tender age of 11, my mother always allowed me to dress myself and where whatever hairstyle I wanted. Creative freedom allowed me to find my true passion in fashion.

Q: What influences your style?

A: I like to have a mixture of everything when I’m getting dressed. The Hip Hop culture has my attention with the big accessories, sweat shirts, baggy pants. On the other side I’m such a girlie girl, tutus make me happy, stilettos, bright colors and anything sparkly. My most recent obsession is tribal prints, African wear and statement necklaces. I’m in character whenever It’s time to get dressed, the question is always “who do you want to be today?”

Q: How much do you think geography plays into someone’s personal style?

A: You can definitely tell where someone is from by their style of dress. Meanwhile you have those misfits that don’t belong anywhere. Those are the people I look up to, their the fashion rebel with no apologies. I’m a risk taker when it comes to fashion, I don’t like looking like everyone else.

Q: Where do you see Volume Styling five years from now?

A: I see the company having at least two brick and mortar stores located between Tampa FL and Ohio. Thriving online and extending the brand, we providing styling and image consultations as this present time. However I would like to see what we can do for the big screen. I have a passion for editorial work and short films. You can be whoever you want to be in that setting. So this too is a goal of mines for the company.

Q: What type of services do you currently offer your clients?Are there other areas that you wish to grow into?

A: We offer personal shopping, image consultant and wardrobe styling. However we do carry accessories, handbags and women’s apparel. I do offer personal shopping services for both men and women and love to help find special pieces for special events!

Q: What were your favorite trends during the summer season?

A: Skater skirts, bandeau tops, boots with shorts and the must have Kimono jacket! We will be featuring these item on the website.

Q: How can prospective clients get in contact with you?

A: I’m very personal when it comes to business all calls come directly to me or I can be reached by email, either one is fine. No office hours, I work for you!


Volumez is cost conscious and perfect for those who are looking for some help on turning the volume on their style. I am a fan, supporter, and customer! I personally cannot wait to see what is in store for this young entrepreneur, its only the beginning!

Here’s how you can get in touch when you’re ready to pump up your volume:
Myiesha Wilson
609 933-0644
Facebook: Volumez Volumestyling

*All fashions shown in photos can be found by using the above contact information.